Impresiones con efecto 3D

Originated from the type of ink that is used to print with, the digital direct LED UV printer is delivering the graphics on all the printing materials by forming a thin film due to its quickly cured original photopolymer in the ink.

The printing media colors will stand out with coarser halftones that feel like sand paper and create tactile color prints.

The embossed and textured effect resides between 2D digital printing and 3D fabrication. The same as 2D printing, its primary characteristic is to print graphics offering the potential to enhance the results on the substrates by adding vivid colors. The same as 3D printing, it is delivering typically the ink and creating multiple layers.

Differentiating from the actual 3D printing, the digital 3D embossed printing enhancement is not aiming to produce objects thicker than a fraction of a millimeter at a print pass. It is a color enhancement printing technology by creating perceived value and give more importance to the products.

















Main market applications for the 3D textured direct printing

The main applications for the digital direct 3D embossed and textured printing include color printing performance and enhancement and additional value for:

Ready products which value will be raised by color reproduction: custom metallic / wood / carbon packaging, short – run packaging production, custom labels, phone cover printing, custom notebook covers, custom restaurant menus, custom photo books and albums, custom calendars, custom stationary , bags, invitations and post cards.

Semi – ready products for dedicated applications: custom plastic printing for signage, custom business cards, custom membership cards etc.; custom wood printing for coasters, shop signage, wood frames, USB disks etc.; custom metallic printing for blank pen, package, electronic devices, custom aluminum signage and other materials.

Braille signage printing. Benefiting from the automatic repeat printing functionality for multiple layers with domed and rounded ink dropping shape, the artisJet direct LED UV printers allow you to deliver an inkjet height on the materials from 0.1 mm up to 10 mm at a fast production speed in one step.

Trophy and awards for the winners. Maximize the proud by raised name prints on the awards in a luxury finish, giving an obvious tactile embossed finish